Short story, “Starry Night” published in 2005 edition - pg. 25.

Short story, “Has Elvis Left the Building?” published in  2007 edition

Some samples of recent photography …I am especially drawn to the outdoors!

Link to press release published in Madison’s Isthmus newspaper’s online edition.

Latest stories aired on Wisconsin Public Radio:

1/26: Money goes to programs encouraging Wisconsin residents to buy, eat local:

1/18: Record number of Wisconsin residents get back unclaimed property:

1/15: Youth suffering from more mental health issues:

1/14: :

1/8: :

1/6: Compulsive gambling an increasing problem in ’09:

1/4: Seniors tell life stories, learn autobiographical writing:

12/31: Charitable year-end-donations skyrocket:

12/23: Santa gets help answering mail:

12/11: Recession impacts marriage rate in Wisconsin:

All news clips from the University of Notre Dame’s daily paper, “The Observer.”